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17 november, 2016

Our first company car!

Ford Transit Connect fully profiled ready for work in TGS.


7 november, 2016

TGS Solution project in Oslo

We are now renting out 4 bricklayers to a tunell project in Oslo. The project will go until the end of December.


October, 2016

Several new customers for housecleaning

We have now several new contracts for house cleaning.


October, 2016

TGS Renhold have a new customer

Lille Barolo is a bar in Eidsvoll and we have contract for cleaning.


10th Of October, 2016

TGS Solution is an new department

From October we have a new department called TGS Solution. We will rent out people to different construction places.


29th Of June, 2016

TGS Electric have a new customer

From the 4th Of July we will be working at Quality Hotel Gardermoen. The customer name is RST Elektro.

Gediminas will start there.


17th Of June, 2016

TGS Renhold at Facebook

We have now made advertising at Facebook. Hope you all can share our page with your friends. We need more "Likes"


04th Of June, 2016

Tomas and Kornelija at work

Our good customer Johs Granås needed help to wax floor at Teiegården in Nannestad. Tomas and Kornelija had the solution for the difficult floor.


07th Of June, 2016

Robert Walecki is our new employee.

We wish Roberty welcome to our company. He will work as an electrician in our department TGS Electric.

He start working 7th Of June at Gardermoen Elektro and will be working at Felleskjøpet at Kløfta.


11 mai, 2016

We are no official approved by Arbeidstilsynet.

We have today recieved an official approval from Arbeidstilsynet.

Congratulation to us all


28 April, 2016

Gediminas Morkunas is our new employee.

We wish Gediminas welcome to our company. He will work as an electrician in our department TGS Electric.

He start working 2th Of may at Gardermoen Elektro.


27 April, 2016

Jessheim Tannlegesenter have sign the contract.

We are starting the work at the dentist clinic 2th Of Mai. 



11 April, 2016

Wacker Neuson in Kløfta have sign the contract.

In the beginning of may we start working on the new contract. Thank´s to you all.


07 April, 2016

Today we have received a phonecall regarding an offer we gave last week.

Romerike Buss og Trailerskole RBT called Ivar and said  they will use TGS Renhold for cleaning their office. The area is  350 m2 and it is a nice jobb for us.


04 April, 2016

Today we have signed our first contract in our company.

Strait Air Transport have now signed a contract with us. They would of course not sign this if they where not satisfied with your work. Congratulation to us all.


01 April, 2016

Meating with one of our customers regarding new contract with TGS Renhold.

This customer is really satisfied with our employees. They say that they will follow our new company if the same personell will work with us.

This is really nice to hear and we say congratulate to us all.


22 March, 2016

Working with Arbeidstilsynet and they say we can start our work.

Our application is pending and there is no problem for our company to start our work.

Link to Arbeidstilsynet


30 March 2016

We are talking with a building owner in Råholt regarding different kind of cleaning assignment.

- Byggvask

- Contract cleaning two buildings

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